Cascina Vanotu located on the crossroads of the three municipalities of the Barbaresco area: Treiso, Barbaresco (where we also have a small farmhouse) and Neive.




Medium texture with a rich calcareous component suitable for making very aromatic and very varietal wines.


350 m


VANOTU is the most prestigious of our vineyards and gave us its first wines in 1960. It lies between 300 and 350 meters above sea level (984 – 1,148 ft) and faces completely south. It is on the border of all three municipalities of the Barbaresco production area, and forms part of the enclosure of one of the most beautiful valleys in the region.

The highest part is located in the municipality of Barbaresco itself, in the Cru called Tre Stelle and was the first to be replanted by Luigi Pelissero in 1964. It also contains an old farmhouse, currently being transformed into a boutique vineyard lodging for guests. Below this is a parcel of the vineyard which lies in Treiso, in the Cru Marcarini. Moving east along the valley road, the third and smallest parcel lies within Neive.

This parcel is to be found in the Cru Basarin. Vanotu is at the meeting-point of the towns: the three beating economic hearts of this beautiful area. Thanks to its location near the top of the hillside, the vineyard is well ventilated, resulting in very few pressures from things such as mildew. The favourable microclimate and southern exposure guarantee very regular growing seasons even in years when other parts of Barbaresco do not fare well. The soil, which is particularly rich in limestone, gives soft, elegant wines of great personality. They always clearly reflect the vintage very with different notes of sage, mint, rose, chamomile, thyme and a multitude of other aromatic herbs that only certain privileged parts of the Langhe can express.