Piani hill, Ferrere sub-area in the municipality of Treiso




Medium mixture with a small percentage of a type of clay, very similar to bentonite, which makes the soil more spongy, very subject to surface displacements, but which gives the grape a good tannic structure.


250 - 350 m


The name Piani refers to a relatively level area of the sort that you occasionally find among the steep Langhe hills. This vineyard is located in Treiso and faces Neive.

When considering the morphology of the Barbaresco region, it is the presence of limestone which is generally emphasised, since it is this that underpins the production of elegant and refined red wines: this is what makes it so suitable for Nebbiolo, and Nebbiolo so suitable for the Barbaresco region.  Unlike Nebbiolo however, Barbera is rich in colour but low in tannins, producing its best results in soils that differ to those for Nebbiolo.  The soil in Piani has a higher percentage of clay than is usual.  This allows the Barbera to maintain the elegance and finesse typical of the Langhe while adding a light tannic component that creates a greater savouriness and complexity in the wine.  Piani is located between the rockiest and the most friable, crumbly part of the area and forms a sort of ‘expansion membrane’.  In the case of constant torrential rains, This soil tends to swell, which can cause landslides: over the years this slippage has “paved” the hill, making it less steep than the others.  Hence the name ‘Piani’ – piano in Italian means a plain.  On the one hand, this could be seen as a negative, but it has created a perfect soil and vineyard for the classic grape variety that our grandparents knew to plant there: Barbera.