Munfrina vineyard, Ferrere sub-area in the municipality of Treiso




Medium texture, with red sand veins slightly higher than the average of the area.


300 - 400 m


‘Munfrina’ refers to a lady who was originally from the Monferrato area, north east of the Langhe.  She was called “la monferrina”, or “munfrina” in the Piedmontese dialect, and she worked in the hills here in the distant past.

We do not know which qualities – her industriousness, her beauty or some other – earned her the honour of having the area named after her: a name that sill evokes her today.  The vineyard is right next to the winery, below the Augenta vineyard, facing south-west, opposite Treiso church tower.  It starts at the natural closing-point of two opposing hills, divided by a small valley which opens out as it descends northwards.  This valley collects surface water that forms a small stream, bringing life and the moisture essential for the growth truffles, which are found in great abundance along this small tributary of the Tinella stream.  The soil that forms the amphitheatre above this little stream is almost dusty, more friable and decidedly less rocky than the Augenta ridge above it.  The soil is, therefore, lighter here with more silt and sand.  This naturally creates a substratum suitable for making very aromatic and varietally typical wines: rich in finesse and elegance, showing great personality, without overpowering the character of the grape.  In short, ideal conditions for producing wines that represent the history of our hills