Augenta vineyard, Ferrere sub-area in the municipality of Treiso


South - South / West


Strongly calcareous, with brown, bluish, very hard and compact marls, characterized by limited cultivable upper surface.


400 - 420 m


the word ‘Augenta’ comes from the Latin “augere”, which means ‘to increase’.  Indeed, popular legend has it that anything planted in this area gives higher-than-average results.

Augenta runs along the summit of the hill, or ‘bricco’, where the vineyard enjoys sun all day long.  Surface and underground erosion over many centuries mean that the subsoil is now largely free from lighter components such as silt and sand.  In fact, today we find hard, compact, almost rocky ground here, with a high percentage of limestone.  Augenta is about 420 meters above sea level:  a dominant position from which to see the valley and neighbouring hills and villages, with a 360 degree view of the hills of southern Piedmont.  On clear days we can see almost the entire Alpine arc: from Monviso to Monte Rosa; from Cervino (the Matterhorn) to Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc).  This spectacular natural barrier not only gladdens the eye, but helps to buffer the area from cold northerly winds.  In tandem with warmer air currents coming from the Ligurian Sea to the south, they create the ideal microclimate.  This vineyard is at the summit of the largest plot of land we own: about 15 hectares (37 acres) in a single parcel.  Early in 1990, we decided to build our cellar right here in order to make it our beacon, and the reference-point for wine lovers all over the world.