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Between ancient seas and majestic mountains

The medieval tower of Barbaresco on the left, the castle of Guarene on the right: arriving from Asti, the welcoming Langhe hills greet you. Beyond Guarene and the Roero lie the Alps and France, but driving this valley you lose sight of them, and imagine them to be far away. Climb the hills, to Barbaresco, say, or Treiso, which is higher still, you find them once again, majestic and clear. And they seem much closer.

On a clear day you can see Monte Rosa and Monviso – due west and almost tumbling into France. On days such as these, at sunset one is left breathless. The adventure of perception leads us to feel the mountains in our glass. Beneath our feet as we look, layers of sandstone and blue marl: here is the ancient seabed that ‘flows’ under the vineyards. There is no shell we can put to our ear to hear the suggestion of long-gone seas, but is there a distant echo in the glass? Here the word ‘terroir’ has substance, for there are many subtle nuances, even on the ridge of the same hill: all these differences are clearly delineated by the Nebbiolo grape. The Tanaro river flows in the midst of these hills, influencing both land and climate, and giving rise, as the magical stage designer of the Langhe, to the mystical autumn fogs of the region.


‘Terroir’ is the word that best expresses the Langhe: one of the richest regions in the world in terms of the quality and variety of its wine production.


After the terroir, the climate is one of the most important factors influencing the character of the wine: an influence that can then be appreciated in the glass.


Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto: these are the three varieties that we have cultivated with great passion for three generations.


We have been producing our wines for three generations: in every glass you will find all the passion of our work.

Le Langhe

The Langhe, with gentle, rolling hills; with noble vineyards, often hiding villages with ancient foundations; were recognised in June 2014 as an important patrimony of humanity with their accession to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

food & wine

The Langhe hills offer a cuisine with a wealth of flavours, colours and aromas, a cuisine that amazes for its richness, variety of dishes and ingredients. When it comes to wine, every wine lover can satisfy their taste buds thanks to the wide range produced here, from dry, white sparkling wines, through to unctuous sweet wines, with every stop along the way.

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