In 2010 Pelissero winery celebrated its 50th anniversary, in fact the first bottles produced by Luigi Pelissero dating back to 1960 as shown by this image.

To celebrate this event in may 2010 we released a limited edition of Barbaresco Vanotu Riserva 2004. Our experience goes back a century, but the achievement of the last six years is a tribute to each and every one of our fans in more than fifty countries all over the world. They know and appreciate the history of our family, its wine tradition and its stubbornly endless search for quality.

Vanotu Riserva 2004 totally represents who we are and what we stand for. It combines heart and reason, technical skill and passion and commitment to a hard and exciting work. This collectors' wine provides a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for a journey through time and style.

Download the flyer Vanotu Riserva