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Moscato D’Asti DOCG

Site: our Moscato grape arrives from 3 small parcels of land, into the villages of Treiso and Neviglie
Variety: Moscato 100%
Year of Planting: 1981 / 1998 / 2016
Density of plants per hectare: 4000/5000
First year of production: 2010

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the village of Treiso is one of the very few in Langhe region which was called Land of the Four D.O.C, because its territory included Dolcetto doc, Barbera doc, Nebbiolo (Barbaresco) doc and also Moscato d’ Asti doc. As well as the classic triptych composed by Dolcetto, Barbera e Nebbiolo (Barbaresco), the forth denomination is Moscato d’ Asti. At the end of 2008 we bought some new plot of vineyard partly cultivated with Moscato d’ Asti, from here the decision to follow a new challenge and to begin, very humbly, to enclose this product in our production.

Technical notes:

Moscato is an aromatic grape, the very fi rst to be harvested. It is widespread around our hills, above all upon those soils which are less indicated for the classic red grapes. After picking up the grapes in 20 kilos cases, we bring it in the cellar where it is destemmed, crushed and pressed at low temperatures. We do all this procedure very quickly so that the aromatic substances are preserved. The fi rst night we must make a natural cold decanting and then it is fi ltered in order to separate the skins and seeds from the must. Next step is the formation of foam inside under pressure steel cask, where sugar is transformed in alcohol up to 5,5%. The process ends with under pressure bottling.

Tasting sheet:

aromatic wine of the most renowned, beautiful yellow-green colour, with characteristic gold refl ections with a persistent frame of little bubbles. The typical aromas are those of white fl owers of acacia, passion fruit, honey with the undergrowth mineral notes of salvia, thyme and mint typical of our soils. To the taste it is sapid, agreeable and with a right acid note to contrast the remarkable sugar residual coming from a complete grapes ripen that makes this wine pleasant but intense.

Available bottle sizes:

  • Litres 0,75

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