With the medieval tower of Barbaresco on the left and the Guarene castle on the right, the welcoming hills of the Langhe appear on the road from Asti. Behind Guarene and Roero, there are the Alps and France, but on driving through the valley, one loses sight of them and they seem far away. Climbing the hills towards Barbaresco or Treiso, which is higher up, one finds them again, majestic and clear. When the sky is clear, one can see Monte Rosa and Monviso. At sunset, when the sun shines, one remains breathless. In the adventure which is perception, one can feel these mountains in the wine goblet. Layers of sandstone and blue marlstone: here is the ancient sea that runs under the vines. There are no seashells to place near the ear to feel the suggestion of the sea, but there is the wine goblet.

Here the word terroir acquires real meaning, there are subtle shades on the back of the very same hill, and it's expressed by the Nebbiolo varietal. The river Tanaro runs through the middle of the hills influencing the land and climate and creating, like a magical scenographer, the typical fogs which are a fall spectacle.